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it's a road. but instead of going 45 people goring 65. if you stand here, you'll see them. >> the driver did stop and an investigation continues but police did say alcohol and excessive speed are not factors. >> a concord teenager recovers to recover when a car hit anymore a crosswalk. his mother spoke to nick smith today to get her son's condition. nick with their teammate very much on their minds. >> absolutely. this is the last game of the season. and the 14-year-old was on his way basketball practice when being hit by the car. p,r his mom cheered him on. >> this is joey hornsby playing the game he loves. but tonight he's been in
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children's hospital in oakland since being hit by a car on monday. sky 7 was over the intersection of grand theet street moneys after the teenager was hit by a woman driving this toyota. today his mom told me he has major injury asks still sedated to limit movement but now, joey is showing signs of improvement. >> he responds to my voice and opened his eyes. >> in a city of concord traffic collision report we learned that since january, 2008 there have been 15 collisions reported to the transportation division. but this is the only pedestrian injury reported. police say the driver stopped and cooperated with investigators. the team are playing their last game of the season. >> i'm going there to support the kids in the last game.
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>> because joey is still in icu, his mother has limited visitors to his room.1k she says it will be a while before they know the full extent of the injuries. >> we're learning about the meteor that slammed into western siberia. the blast so big, people thought it was the end of the world. >> the meter exploded with the force of 20 acot tothic dog -- bombs. scientists sate was the largest to hit land in more than a century. biggest chunks slammed into a frozen lake. a thousand people were injured by glass because they're standing near windows to see what caused the flash of light. officials say 3,000 buildings were damaged. the meteor blasted with out warning on the day we were watching an asteroid fly by.
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wayne? >> time kog not have come at a better time. damage was small compared with what the larger asteroid would have done. the scary part is that had it been coming at us we could have been helpless but a local foundation wants to change that. >> this happened when most of us thought we had the rest of us at bay. you might think of it as a cosmic warning shot. it missed earth as expected by 17,000 miles today. 20 years ago if it fli flew by the earth we never would have known it. >> a plan to launch a telescope that would map space giving earth decades of
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advancedñ@=;c warning rather tha year, month or seconds like seen today. the ceo is ed lieu told us would it have made a difference had the larger asteroid been on an impact course. >> with 10, 2050 years, it's straight forward that is what koit have had with today's. that is why the foundation is hoping to raise public don yaigs of $450 million. small price, they say compared with the alternative. >> how can we let parts of our civil saigs or cities go away? be destroyed if we could have done something about it. >> another interesting note. learning today a government-funded think tank concluded if scientists were to learn of an impending impact, public should not be
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warned. it says panic, misery and disruption would not be worth while. the institute suggests telling people only if there is something human race can do. >> it's overwhelming power from space. thank you very much. well, these two occurrences has people asking what is theósk difference between a meteor and an asteroid. let's turn to sandhya patel on the roof keeping an eye out for anymore asteroids. >> oi, watch out, i am, indeed. nasa says the asteroid passed by just hours after the meteor yitd hit russia is just a coincidence, asteroids are rocky objects sometimes big enough to be called minor planets. we also have meteorites smaller than asteroids but orbit the sun. these are small businesses of an asteroid. if a meteor enters and
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vaporizes it becomes a shooting star but if it lands on earth we can call it a meteorite. that exploded today. check out this map. it shows us a site of every known meteor landing since 2300 bc. wow it's a stunning image. u.s. meet logical society put this together. other thing is that gorgeous warm winter weather. the question will this continue as many of you make your long holiday weekend plans? i'll be back with the accu-weather forecast and a look at live doppler 7 hd. changes in the forecast. >> thank you so much. >> christopher dorner the former los angeles police officer who went on a killing rampage died from a single gunshot wound tolt head according to investigators. they added it appears that wound was self inflicted. dorner was holdup inside of a
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cabin and died5 fight with deputy autos a man was formally charged today with 10 felony charge that's include threatening life of state senator leelandy. he made a first court appearance today, also charged with possession of destructed devices. investigators comb through the santa clara home for the 4th day. neighbors intrn asked to stay inside while they go through the home in case police find more destructive device autos new information tonight in qekts near nate faital shooting of a student monday. police tell us surveillance tape reveals the suspect was droifing a car similar to this one. police ided the car as a chevolet pt cruiser this, is a
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sketch of the person they're lking for. doctors able to remove the bult facebook said it's the targist a series of attacks by a hacker group. the site says user information was not compromised. attack discovered last month following cyber attack on compromised privacy of 250,000 twitter user[txvñs. >> bmw is recalling sports utility vehicles because of a break problem. it's the x 5. only those with eight cylinder engines have shont problem. no accidents have been reported because of the problem. >> japanese americans came together for a day of remembrance in the bay area today.oá÷ir
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marking the 20th anniversary of the civil lib tiz act of 1988. the event paid tribute tlit senator who authored that legislation. 120,000 japanese americans were inturned during world war ii including survivors of the camps. >> still to come will the cruise industry sink or recover from the triumph nightmare at sea. >> travel experts and travelers weighing in on whether or not is this a good time to book a cruise? nain maybe there are deals out there? >> a local house fire doesn't look like much but could have taken a turn for the worst. >> stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues here in just a moment.
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san francisco police say an officer who shot at a stolen car suspect was protecting himself and others as the suspect drove on to a sidewalk to avoid spike strips. it started about 9:00 when police spotted the stolen car near market and 8th street in san francisco. police put down spike strips but the driver veered onto the curb. the chase ended at 5th skpblg mission. the man was in a four car crash sending five people to the hospital. i was a violent crash and he is now under arrest. >> season fran firefighters struggled to control an apartment fire that threatened to jump to a second building. the fir started on the california street side of the eight-unit building in the inner richmond but as we can see, most of the damage concentrated on the opposite end. the flames still burning up
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against an adjacent building. one resident was able to escape. >> heard someone screaming that the building is on fire. i looked out of the window i saw flames shooting up. i started to grab my cat and just ran out. >> nobody was injured in the blaze. >> national transportation safety board is r.investigators are in alabama todb' look into the cause of the engine fire that crippled the carnival cruise ship. after spending five days floundering at sea because of a fire. today passengers began to make their way home. car scarred by the memory of overflowing toilets, food shortages and foul smells some had to endure a seven hour bus trip back to galveston, texas. most are not happy with compensation carnival is offering. >> i know whatum i went through out here. and $500 doesn't touch that
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for a free cruise or a discounted cruise or an additional cruise there is no money that could repay me for the horror and the scaredness very been through. >> others say they just want to move on. tugged pulled the ship towards a ship yard. officials say it will be cleaned and repaired. >> this miserable ordeal can make people wary about signing up for cruises that means now could be a good time to get a good deal. leanne? >> well, i'm in front of san francisco soon to open terminal. you know there are people thinking right now i will never, ever get on a cruise ship, reality is that many, many people are willing to do so because it won't happen to me, thinking and it's still a
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target. >> existing and herible were -- terrible were just a few adjectives used to describe the ordeal on the carnival triumph. >> those poor people. i hope they get compensation. >> here is what the passengers will get from carnival corporation. $500 plus a refund and most expenses on board. transportation expenses to get home, and credit for another cruise. >> would you think that was compensation? of course not. >> al is a travel attorney and says carnival ticket contract states the cruise line is not liable for things including he megsal distress. >> no class action. no court go. to an arbitration. and everything if your cabin
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sonl worth $100. >> he says the only hope for passengers now is to take carnival to court. as for the impact to the ship industry, many say it's too earlly to say. >> i would not go on a cruise right now. i've seen it happening a couple times now. one a couple months ago. >> anna liflts say consumers still see this as a bargain. >> cruising going to increase next year. >> good bang for the buck. >> we'll be out of commissionç2! for 12 to 14 weeks. members will either transfer to other ships or help out with repairs and also get that ship back into shape. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> tonight a look at what went
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wrongdoering that miserable trip aboard the carnival that is followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> almost everyone i know is sick with illness. the cdc is getting ready to bid farewell to this year's flu season saying the number of people visiting the doctor was 3.2% of all consultations last week down from 4.2% but cdc says rates among the elderly aresñj÷ still high that. is how they termed it. this flu season began earlier than unusual and has been ferocious around the country. it's likely to last until march. >> looking for a job, perhaps a career in entertainment, great america is the place to be this weekend. the park is holding tryouts
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for technicians interviews starting tomorrow morning at 9:00. if you'd like more information just go to abc 7 >> let's talk about the weekend forecast. just gorgeous. >> sandhya patel back up on the roof now. >> there is notykyky#
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of where you should be at this time of the year, they'll be getting snow head nook next week. big changes coming up from ourn camera. check out the glowing sun. it's absolutely beautiful. clear skies now.u÷0] this fog, low clouds our radar with national radar service can be tracking a cold storm, changes on the way monday night. check out the high temperatures for today. 71 degrees in san francisco. got up to 80 in santa cruz. hard to believe. moffett field, oakland 75 degrees. concord 69. santa rosea, napa, 73. numbers now you can see very
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mild to warm out there. it's 72 in los gatos and fremont. rain arriving on tuesday, we may be talking about snow here locally. so checking out fa pacific satellite picture, high pressure providing us with a nice pattern butñr)!gthe ridge beginning to shift east. you know what that means. pattern is changing. so enjoy, then, we're going to start to see numbers fauming then, we'll see a cold storm arriving monday night. it's president's day. in the evening we do have a chance of rain monday night certainly will be wet by tuesday, most areas wake up to 40s and 50s but there will be chilly spots. it will be clear and then, afternoon, filtered sunshine south bay communities saratoga,
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71. 68 redwood city. coastal areas flirting with 70 degrees ine]y$l half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 67. north bay communities up to 68 in santa rosa and san raf yeshlgs 6 east bay. oakland 69. 70s castro valley heading inland you're going to see above normal conditions.pç 70 in watsonville. 72 in gilroy. accu-weather forecast one mild day before cooling sets n it's going to be cooler monday, it's president's day, rain arriving a chance of rain late. then rain possibly snow down to 3,000 feet tuesday. much cooler, temperatures only into low to mid-50s then chances of rain coming in on thursday and friday. reality will be setting n take
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advantage of the beautiful weather. it's all about to change. i'm sandhya patel. >> tu michael finney has your ticket to your next travel destination, free stuff next. >> and helicopter parents hovering over their kids. what do snow plow parents do? why are they just as bad? answer on abc 7 news at 6:00. that is coming up then but we'll be right back here. well, well, well.
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i had it through another week. >> congratulations to us all. >> this may be one of my favorite things. durm the soup nazi on seinfeld? yes. >> he's got a soup now. they call it soupman.
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the guy played george constanza is a backer of this. this is the guy. shaquille o'neal is in on this. no soup for you! these are all over the country. it's $3.99 value. you can get it free. now, are you thinking about traveling somewhere? i don't know. how about summer. this thing is huge. and really a lot of fun. you probably hear bit. look at that. it's show and tell there. 200 experts the as a matter of fact. rock climbing skip lining. it costs $15 to go. you watch 7 on your side so you're going get in free. >> is there a trick? how do we get it?.
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>> she asks about this you can log on to abc 7 >> thank you. >> no soup for you. >> wi;!7" .$$rr$$p((9ñ
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coming up at 6:00, fed up with the dmv? ongoing computer crashes and decision to give up on a silicon valley solution. also cleaning up after a meteor strike in russia. looking into whether you'd be covered if one hit your home. and a man claims a painlt job made himself what. he did before filing a'2g15plaint. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. now back tom/rññ dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> we have new information now on a breaking news story we first brought you at 4:00 today. >> sky 7 was overhead at loen tree way it turns out a 15-year-old boy accidentally
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shot himself in the leg. the teenager tried to pull a gun out of his waist band and shot himself. they say he's going to be okay. >> at least that is good news about that. abc 7 is the only place to watch oscars february 24th. get ready with our official app. >> check out the feature for details on nominees to keep track of your favorites. it's available. i'm dan ashle this is "world news," tonight, sky fall, the fireball out of nowhere. the meteor crashing to earth. temporarily blinding drivers. the office workers watching as the doors blow in. tonight the new images. as we ask nasa, why was there no warning? breakdown, the olympic champion suspected of murder tonight, weeping in court. what we have learned about his girlfriend. was she on the verge of becoming a breakout star? outrage, the new images from inside the doomed cruise ship. passengers erupting over the
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offer afterwards. >> and then they want to insult us by giving us $500. >> and tonight, did american taxpayers foot the bill for the rescue? and coming to america, the children from a world away on the way to carnegie hall. what we showed them about america. and what they showed us. good luck. bringing an entire crowd to its feet. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a friday night. diane has the evening off. let's get right to it. the eyes of the world today stunned by this image. this was debris from a meteor racing toward earth, streaking across the sky there. crashing into the ground in the woods. look at some of the other images emerging tonight. the cloudy trail the meteor produced. and on impact, this, carving a little pool into a frozen lake.

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